Just for Tots #3 Learning Center

Our nature-inspired playground has been such a great retreat for our children. We believe that the serenity and beauty found in our outdoor classroom help improve the development of children. We have noticed so many changes when it comes to our children that exemplify challenging behaviors. Watching the children grow, socialize, and create memories with their friends while outdoors is such a beautiful experience as a teacher. They get to enjoy the sunlight beaming on their faces, infants experience the wind blowing in their hair or the raindrops on a toddler’s face when it begins to sprinkle. (The expressions are priceless).

Whether it’s water day, dancing with ribbons, riding a trike with their friends on the back, catching or throwing a ball, the children are continuously growing and developing their skills in so many ways during outdoor time. The different learning experiences that are gained are amazing. The conversations they have amongst each other are just heartfelt moments. The kindness they show from picking small flowers for their friends or family members just brings joy to your heart. These are the reasons why we will continue to maintain our outdoor classroom and help create beautiful experiences in the lives of our children.