Kansas Children’s Discovery Center


In the past year, many exciting additions have come to our outdoor classroom. We are currently in the process of opening Toddler Town – an immersive play environment designed just for toddlers. As children travel the roads of Toddler Town, they will find opportunities to make music, move their bodies, practice communication with others, and step into their imaginations. Learning opportunities are built into each and every structure in Toddler Town. Many of these features are intended to spark natural curiosity about concepts such as counting, telling time, recognizing shapes, the letters of the alphabet, and even color theory.

Another significant improvement to our outdoor classroom was the paving of additional patio space to provide more room for messy material play. In this new space, children can build with oversized logs or construct with Thinker Linkers. It is also home to our weekly summer bubble dance parties! We have also added a number of new benches along our nature walk pathway to enhance the space. Our outdoor classroom continues to thrive and grow because of the efforts of staff, volunteers, and generous donors.