Keep Chatsworth-Murray Beautiful


3rd Year Ribbon

Our site was relocated last year and classes only recently started at the new location in mid-May. We have hosted over 1,500 youth since. We also renamed our center from Black Bear Outdoor Learning Center to KCMB Outdoor Learning Center.


We continue to receive grant funds for additions and improvements to the center. We are adding a rope and rope ladder to our climbing area as we have a sloped-bank on two sides of the site. We are also in the process of adding a walking trail through the sloped-bank for nature walks and other nature learning experiences. We continue to seek funds to build an aquaponics system in our water area. This summer we conducted a “Summer Explorers” program for the community and in October we hosted “Bat Facts”.

In Spring 2016 we plan to host a week-long camp during Spring Break. We also plan to have our Pollinator Garden (f.k.a. Butterfly Garden) certified through Monarchs Across Georgia in the Spring of 2016.