Kids Country Wadsworth


      At Kids Country Day School- Wadsworth Campus, we have been working on some new ideas to add to our Nature Explore environment, along with keeping some of our past ones.

We did not have our organic gardener this year, but we did learn a lot from him last year to continue on this year. Each of our classrooms planted seeds inside to transplant once the weather broke. Along with that they had new herbs to experience in their sensory walk, which allows the children to experience the growing herbs with all of their senses. They can see them, listen to them move as the wind blows, smell them, feel them between their fingers, and of course taste them. They also love to use these fresh herbs in their creations in the mud kitchen.

We have continued to keep our sandboxes and mud kitchens equipped with a variety of materials to maintain the children’s interests. These two areas are the most played areas in our Outdoor Classrooms. Our stage worked well as a quiet space last year, so we continued that through the spring and summer this year. A shade was added over top along with some pillows, small stools, and books. The sand box was given a different cover to help shade more of the area, and extend it up from where it had been in the past.

Last year we had talked about adding in a water feature. I spent the summer digging up different areas of the playground to find our water and power source, which was put in when we built this building. Unfortunately, I did not find it, so I have enlisted the help of an underground utility company to help us find these to bring our water feature to life next year.