Kids Country Wadsworth


    At Kids Country Day School- Wadsworth Campus, we are working on some new ideas to make our outdoor environment even more inviting. We have discussed some future plans with our garden to get our students more involved with the process of planting and observing the plants as they grow. Each day, we want the students to run outside to see the growth of seeds they planted and then document the growth to make a book to share. Once the plants are grown, and the book is completed, they will be able to take their story and produce to share it with the community.

Another future plan that we would like to have included is a water feature in our outdoor environment. We are in the process of finding an underground utility company to help us find the source of the water, but we do not want to destory our environment while the weather is still pleasant and the students try to spend as much time outside as possible. We hope to have a water feature in place by next year.