Kids N’ Company Family Childcare

The best days of working in the outdoor classroom are the days I hear “this is the best day ever”.

Those days are many at Kids N’ Company Family Childcare, LLC. Recently, I had one of my best days ever as a caregiver when one of my daycare parents organized a surprise mulch spreading event for the outdoor classroom. At the end of the day, I went outside and was greeted by twelve former daycare clients and a few of their parents, who had come to help spread four yards of mulch in our climbing area and around our house. A few of them I had not seen since they graduated from my program. I felt very blessed and grateful to have these teenagers come and help with this task that would have taken me days to complete. We talked about their time spent here as a child and the fun we had playing in the backyard.

This space continues to provide a place for early learners to explore, wander and imagine what makes up the world where they live. Building lifelong relationships with children and families is at the heart of family childcare. Having an outdoor classroom to share my love of nature with children is a passion that will always exist in my program of teaching and caring for the youngest learners.

Arletta Brown