Kinderberry Hill- Edina

Our classroom is shaded by 3 large, beautiful trees that provide shade as well as many learning opportunities.

Our building area, gathering area, art area, as well as, music and movement area all enjoy the cool shade these trees offer. We have a clothesline running between the trees making it handy to display art, build tents or hang backdrops for our stage. We also have herbs and flowers growing in our fenced garden boxes, which the children planted and are in charge of caring for.

Just to the left of our raised space is the messy materials area, in which the children build trains, mountains, boats and more with milk crates. They also have ramps and balls to explore, as well as large wood rounds for building and stacking. This area also contains our mud kitchen, full of real kitchen tools for the children to enjoy. To the right of the raised space, is our action area. This open area is often used for running, chasing, and sports.