Kinderberry Hill-Roseville

Our Nature Explore Classroom is a beautiful, unique space designed to welcome children into the world of nature. In our classroom, they have the opportunity to let their imagination run wild. The students, families, and teachers collaborate, use creativity, and explore the world around them in new and exciting ways. All important lifelong skills children learn and practice through outdoor play. Our classroom includes art, dramatic play, large motor, gardening, and 3 chickens that our children love to interact with.


“My child LOVES his time on the Nature Explore Classroom. He tells me about his adventures with friends, feeding the chickens, planting seeds, and getting dirty! I have seen his love and respect for nature grow as a result of spending time in this space. I can also tell that his imagination is growing as he is using materials in new and creative ways.” – Kinderberry Hill Parent

“I love the explorations and connections made through exploring. For example, our study on slugs. Children became curious about slugs that were found in the Nature Explore Classroom. They studied and observed the slugs – how they moved, body parts, and what they did. They wanted to research to learn more about them, even comparing them to other creatures found in the Nature Explore Classroom. Finally, they reported their findings through writing and art for the other children and families at our center.” – Kinderberry Hill Prekindergarten Teacher