Kinderberry Hill-Roseville

Our unique Nature Explore Classroom provides our staff and children with the opportunity to learn and grow at their own pace and comfort level. They learn to take risks, be curious about the world around them, and use their imagination to dream up the best adventures.

From our staff:
“The Nature Explore Classroom creates time for children to have unstructured play that helps build creativity and problem solving skills in a completely unique way. When you see children learning in an environment that is theirs, you really see them bloom.” – Ms Jennie (Pre-Kindergarten Teacher)

“The Nature Explore Classroom enables children to explore with materials in a natural setting. Children can investigate and experiment on their won accord in an enriched environment.” Ms. Kamaria (3 year old Teacher)

From our children:
“I love to learn about and feed our chickens!” – 4 year old
“I love to go on new adventures and jump and explore!” – 5 year old