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We had lots of fun this year in our Nature Explore environment. Our leadership team made a large purchase of materials to brighten up our yard. We bought new river rocks for our garden area, we added woodchips to our messy materials and music area and also sand and new soil for planters and sandbox.

We had a great earth day event where all our lessons were nature explore based. The children made and planted seed bombs in the garden as well as plant new seeds. We explored with our brand new woodchips and use recycled containers to play with the woodchips. This year our outdoor was full of caterpillars and we collected a large amount and we were able to watch the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly.

Our older children also rescued a lizard that was hurt on the playground and we cared for it until it was healed and we released it back into the yard. We also enjoyed our parent event this year where we invited the families to come and plant a new plant with thier child. This year was full of excitement and fun for our children in our school.