The Nature Explore Classroom at


We love to play, explore, and learn in our outdoor classroom! There are many places to go!

Enjoy the open grassy spaces for gross motor skills in running, hopping, playing ball, hula-hooping, dancing, and cart-wheeling. Drive a rider round and round our cement pad or take a baby doll for a stroller walk.

Explore engineering by building a tower in our building corner. Play with physics on our sand & water table or dig in the dirt. Look at bug specimens magnified or play with magnets in our Science center. Trace a leaf or make a picture in our Art center. Play the xylophone, the triangle, or shakers in our Music center. Climb aboard our Climber Ship and whoosh down its slide. Take care of our little garden. Hunt for bugs, squirrels, or birds to observe. Our little explorers are always finding new things to do!


3814 S Birch Drive
Salt Lake City, UT 84109