Little Orchard Preschools and Childcare, Taylorsville


The outdoor and nature learning classroom at Little Orchard Preschools and Childcare, Taylorsville was designed to provide opportunities for learning, exploring and growing while in a nature-based setting. The materials and experiences have meaningful purposes with open-ended exploration, there is not a right or wrong answer. Imagination is the key to the outdoor classroom.

As you enter the outdoor classroom, you are taken along a path lined with a variety of bushes, plants, trees and grassy areas. It is a little stroll in nature. With distinct interest centers that are typically found inside, the outdoor classroom provides a variety of materials that are not often available inside, such as large boulders and tree stumps to sit or climb on and a building area with branches and tree rounds. The art area has pinecones and sea shells to support the child’s creative nature. Gardening, sand play and the messy areas allow children a chance to get their hands into kinetic materials without having to worry about “making an inside mess”.

These are just a few of the opportunities found on our nature classroom. We are very pleased to be able to provide these experiences for the children, and our staff is having just as much fun, engaging with them and sharing those ah-ha moments. That is what it is all about.