Little Brigham Aggies
at Utah State University
Brigham City Campus

Our Nature Explore Play Garden continues to be an amazing place for pretty much everything we do! We use our outdoor classroom as an extension of our indoor classroom. Pretty much anything we do inside is also done outside. We have circle time, sensory play, art exploration, pretend play including the mud kitchen, large motor activities, sand and water play and on and on. We find being outside a great help for the children with their self-regulation and minimizing challenging behaviors.

This year we also added more shade for our eating/working tables and our mud kitchen. The children enjoy helping to maintain the Nature Explore Play Garden. They love to pick plums, grapes, tomatoes and strawberries. They help with the planting. They are understanding the connection between themselves and living things not only from the plants and trees, but also with the insects, birds and worms they interact with. They love to watch the birds at the bird feeders and discuss the many aspects of the birds and how the birds are an important part of the Play Garden.
The Nature Explore Play Garden is definitely a high-light of our program.