Little Leapers Child Care Center, LLC

There are many things that make our school site unique, especially our outdoor learning environment. Our Nature Explore Classroom gives children an opportunity to experience a natural setting during school hours. This makes for a unique learning environment.

The outdoor classroom gives children an opportunity to plant, garden, and observe the world around them. The planting and gardening gives them a sense of responsibility for nurturing and taking care of nature. Our students feel so excited as they watch their garden grow and harvest their bounty. They like to discover the different fruits and vegetable growing. The children especially like the strawberry patch and the pumpkin patch.

Our Nature Explore classroom is unique for several reasons. For one, our space is big and it allows us to explore different areas during our outside time. For example a child can ride a tricycle, play in the dramatic play area, make pies in the messy area, paint in the art area, lay in the grass, and read in the teepee. Our outdoor classroom mimics our indoor classrooms enhanced by the aspects of nature, wind, sun, shade, and different sounds from the world around them. All of which enables the physical environment to decrease stress levels and improve challenging behaviors.

We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to provide our students with an amazing outdoor classroom.