Little Munchkins Preschool Center


Having a Nature Explore Certified Outdoor Classroom in New Brunswick provides an ever-changing environment with each season. Long winters can make it difficult to enjoy all the areas to their fullest but our educators are constantly brainstorming how to offer nature experiences even when we’re completely buried in snow!

Just like the seasons in New Brunswick, our classroom is always changing. This year we were able to fundraise with the help of our amazing families to add some beautiful new additions. We added a large outdoor chalk board, picnic tables, new storage for our building area, updated our sandbox and mud kitchen and had a local company build a wooden teepee. It is always so rewarding to see the children’s reactions when they see new parts added to our Classroom.

When Springtime approaches we all come together with our hopes and ideas to better our classroom. Exciting times are ahead with Covid restrictions easing in our area to bring back many events we have missed the past couple years!