Little Munchkins Preschool Center

Little Munchkins celebrated their 10th anniversary with Nature Explore this year! It’s hard to believe over the last 10 years how much our Nature Explore Classroom has evolved along with how many children have had the opportunity to enjoy it.

Our outdoor classroom provides a loving nature based environment that builds a solid foundation that encourages a love of life, learning and the world in which we live. Our classroom is designed to allow the flourishing of the mind, imagination, ourselves, and the world around us.

Nestled among a various selection of trees, shrubs, flowers and plants, the classroom inspires a remarkable first-hand experience of nature. From birds and squirrels eating at our homemade feeders to rabbits sneaking snacks from our gardens, our outdoor classroom grants ceaseless opportunities for learning.

We are thankful to our families and community members who have assisted in maintenance and repairs of our outdoor classroom, offered their talents with building new items, donated materials and helped tend our gardens.

We are looking forward to another year of customizing our outdoor space to a truly unique and inspiring space for all.