Little Munchkins Preschool Center

Little Munchkins is excited to be celebrating its 10th year anniversary with Nature Explore! Our mission is to provide a loving nature-based environment that builds a solid foundation that encourages a love of life, learning and the world in which we live. Our certified Outdoor Classroom is designed to allow the flourishing of the mind, imagination, ourselves, and the world around us.

Last year we were excited to add new elements to our Outdoor Classroom such as a large art easel, work bench in our building area, a climbing tunnel and an outdoor library. It’s not uncommon to find nearly half the playground sitting around listening to a story together or the children grabbing a book to look up a bug they just found.

This year we are focusing on building a brand new sandbox and updating our water features and landscaping. We are currently in the planning phases and looking forward to the snow melting so we can begin construction!

We are so proud of our Outdoor Classroom and how it continues to improve each year with the help of our amazing educators and families who help contribute with their knowledge of carpentry and gardening skills.”