The Nature Explore Classroom at

Little Rascals Childcare-Preschool

Our school is a safe, nurturing learning environment. We believe nature and playing outside is the most valuable area for children to learn and grow cognitively and physically.

The children explore the different areas we have created and communicate creatively with each other. We see their cooperative play from gardening, music, building, sensory water play as well as hopping on our mushrooms to riding their bikes around the bike path. We have seen fewer behavior problems because we added more creative areas of interest to their playground.

Our parents describe it as a little piece of heaven. The kids regularly want their parents to come to see them play in the yard. The children planted their own veggies, weed and store their items in storage boxes. They are responsible for keeping their spaces well maintained and organized. We are a small school and we take the time to show our children how to care for their items and maintain their garden and eat the foods they grow.

We host family events in the playground. Halloween, Easter hunts, Valentine hunts as well as parent classes like CPR and First Aid. Our staff are amazing teachers that love to inspire learning through play. It is a team effort betwwen all our staff, families and the children to create a wonderful natural space for children to learn and make memories!


186 East Whitlock Ave (2500 South)
Salt Lake City, UT 84115