Live and Learn Early Learning Center

The pandemic has given us a great gift as it has increased the awareness of how valuable outdoor classrooms are.

Every day we can jump out of bed and love to go to work. Our 25 acres of outdoor spaces gave the children opportunities to explore streams, risk take by walking on fallen trees, jump in leaves, plant gardens, create rivers and play games. We are nestled in a rural community that supports our outside spaces and applauds our ability to be outside 10 hours a day.

This past year we partnered with Four Winds Nature Center to be part of a collaborative support for other outdoor classrooms. Upgrades included new mud kitchens and decking. Our families were able to drop off and pick up in the outdoor classroom and still follow protocol.

We noticed that children needed proprioceptive movement and added circular web swings to all age outdoor spaces. This truly helped many children re-set their brains and be able to participate in the next activity. All ages slept outside each day and stayed healthier for it.

To watch and study birds we added suet feeders to our outdoor areas and were able to study birds. Realizing that spring brought with it the need to make nests the children put together nest kits of material for the birds.

During the past year we started full day programming for grades K-5th grade. This allowed us to offer a nature based, place based program for older children. Their wonders included a study of the health of the pond & macro invertebrates. They gladly donned their waders and literally jumped right in.

Come wander through our gates and sit in the outdoor classroom, for surely this is a space you can loose your mind and find your soul.