Lone Star Family Health Center

We are innovative, connecting our health center with a Nature Explore Classroom.

As a community health center, we serve a majority of the underserved population. Getting families outside in a safe place to play and interact is physically and emotionally healthier. Families are engaged and learning about native plants, using their imagination building with tree cookies and looking at sea shells various shapes and feel.

It has been exciting to see our patients and community enjoying our nature space their way. A nice gentleman is seen frequently, who loves to sit on the bench and play his guitar, in the music area. He said, ” I just love it here”. I see parents holding their children’s hands as they skip with excitement to go and play.

Teachers Home Visiting Program brings their families to our nature space as part of their school readiness program. These children are up to five years old. Their parents and siblings are learning too.

As I was leaving late after work I saw a mother watching her 6 year old son play in the messy area with tree cookies. He had made a fort and was concentrating intently on his design to make a stable structure. I stopped to visit with the mother. She was so complimentary of us providing this space at our health center. She mentioned her children never complain about going to the doctor anymore and she may not get to leave until it gets dark. Her son was having so much fun he asked his mother if he could live there. We had a nice visit and I was allowed to take pictures of the creative tree cookie fort. She asked if her cub scout troop could use the space and build a garden as a project, including planting and maintenance. We are working on a project date as a new partnership is developing.