Lost River Cave



4th Year Ribbon

RC2016_42101_lost river cave

The Nature Explore classroom has now become part of some of our more structured programs such as camps. There are so many nooks and crannies within the site that we have even incorporated it into a microclimate investigation for one of our Environmental Education programs. As the children explore the microclimates that are present in the classroom, they are preparing logs and equipment to visit larger areas across the 70 acre park. However, by increasing the amount of sticks and branches in the building area, during unstructured time with these campers, the team work among them is fantastic to watch.

Even the wildlife love our space! Despite the business of the children playing, running, and climbing everywhere, this spring after 2 families of mallard ducks were born in the nearby wetland, the 2 mother ducks would hike all their babies through the Nature Explore Classroom and out the front entrance to a mulberry tree where they would spend hours eating berries and the insects the fallen fruit attracted. It became such a regiment, that staff and daily visitors to the Classroom would line up to watch the parade. The ducks had been rearing families in the wetland for several years, but this was the first year they felt safe enough to travel away from the water!

We continue to see wonderful comments from our out-of-town visitors on TripAdvisor and get to hear the locals tell us, and others, about the wonderful opportunities the classroom provides.