Mass Audubon’s Boston Nature Center
Nature Nook

This year a large native pollinator bed was added to the Nature Nook through the generous support of the Beacon Hill Garden Club.

The pollinator bed included a diverse collection of shrubs, perennials and trees such as Wild Columbine, Big Blue Lobelia and Blazing Star adding more colors, more smells and more textures for children to explore. It also expands a critical ecosystem component of the Nature Nook for both native insects and birds. Children and adults can observe real-world examples of how plants, insects and birds interact together while educators expound on the benefits of healthy food webs in an urban environment.

Nineteen evergreen shrubs and trees were also planted in the Nature Nook in the past year. Evergreen plants were chosen to provide four seasons of greenery, shelter and food for wildlife and carbon sequestering all year. The evergreen plants also play an important role in maintaining pathways for children at play. Over the past few years, children have created a maze of passages in the wild areas boarding the nature nook.