Mill Creek Activity Center Natureplay
Johnson County Park & Recreation District


The maintenance of our outdoor classroom and gardens wouldn’t be possible without a lot of people who work behind the scenes. There are many who deserve special acknowledgments for keeping our space beautiful and supporting our mission to provide children with high-quality, developmentally appropriate educational experiences while inspiring them to grow their love, appreciation and understanding of the natural world.

*The maintenance crew who mows, fixes broken equipment, makes hand-painted signs, relocates furry friends that find their way into the shed, and cut tree cookies and tree stumps for us is invaluable to us. Our space would not be possible without their care and help.

* The staff that work in the building we share, who have their own job responsiblities and duties, support us in every way possible including pulling ragweed in the heat of the summer so that allergies don’t bring us down in the fall.

*The Children’s Services Department specialists and managers who back our mission through funding, guidance, and resources so that we can provide amazing experiences for the children

Without these folks working in the background, our Nature Explore certified outdoor classroom would not be possible. We thank them for their support!