The Nature Explore Classroom at

Meadowbrook Park Natureplay
Johnson County Park & Recreation District

Our Meadowbrook Natureplay Preschool program is very unique to the area as it is one of 3 outdoor nature-based programs in our local area.

When we opened our doors, we filled immediately! We didn’t have a few years to grow slowly. The demand for our service was immediate. We have found that there is a great need from families in our area to have their children in a nature-based setting. Parents want their children to experience more outdoor time and explore their natural environments.

Utilizing our Outdoor Classroom helps us meet in a secure area where children can come in quickly and get busy exploring. Our mud kitchen, big build, sensory table, and art area flourish with activity and wonderment. Even in our Kansas weather, our Outdoor Classroom allows for secure time outside and we are able to spend the majority of our time outdoors year-round at Meadowbrook Natureplay!

101 Nall Avenue
Prairie Village, KS