Media Agreement

Thank you for your willingness to participate in the visual life of Dimensions. Images help us tell the story of our work in the world. We are grateful for your contribution to this effort, and your support of our work with children, teachers and families.

Dimensions Educational Research Foundation (Dimensions) includes the Nature Explore Program as well as Dimensions Education Programs and Exchange Press. In addition, Dimensions also provides administrative support for the World Forum Foundation. I authorize the use of my appearance to support any of these entities.

I understand that Dimensions may produce and make use of my appearance—in forms both procured by Dimensions and submitted by me to Dimensions—in any promotional or educational materials including, but not limited to: website, videos, educational magazine, flyers, presentations, print materials, publications and social media (the Production).

I understand that I am to receive no compensation for this appearance, and that I am to receive no compensation of any kind as a result of any uses by the Production. My voluntary participation in the Production of materials shall be work made for hire for Dimensions under the copyright laws of the United States. To the extent that my voluntary participation cannot be considered a work made for hire, I assign all right and title, including all copyright rights in the Production of materials and its derivative works, to Dimensions.

Dimensions shall have complete ownership of the Production of materials, including full domestic and foreign copyright, and shall have the exclusive right and license to make such use of the Production as it wishes, including (but not limited to) the right of performance, display, reproduction and distribution in all media, and the right to create, perform, display and distribute derivative works of the materials produced.

I agree that I have photo release information for all individuals (adults and children) representing my site that supports the above statements. I give Dimensions the right to use the likeness and/or information of any individuals representing my site to publicize the Production, derivative works of the Production, and the services of Dimensions. I agree that it is my responsibility to keep any individuals who do not have photo release on file at my site from appearing in the media production process.

If person appearing is a minor, parent or legal guardian signature must appear on the site’s photo release information obtained and held by the site.