The Nature Explore Classroom at

Moab Community Childcare

Moab Community Childcare’s Little Explorers outdoor classroom was created with infants and toddlers in mind. We had a wonderful but small outdoor space that was lacking creativity and innovativeness.

With the help of our amazing staff we created a small but mighty outdoor learning environment. We utilized the native trees and plants that were already on the property. We added a gross motor area that incorporates aspen tree stumps and limbs for a climbing gym. We also added a mud kitchen where we encourage our kiddos to use their ever developing imaginations to create mud pies.

We gather natural materials, such as leaves, rocks, sticks and flowers that we then add to our pies. The last thing we added to our space was our building materials table. We created a table using a wooden plank and tree stumps. We have tree cookies and river rocks available for the kids to build with.

We are still adding elements to our classroom as time goes on. We are working on a garden space where we will have small raised beds. We are going to plant carrots, tomatoes and herbs to start. We want the children to be able to participate in planting and watering. Once the plants have grown we include the children in the harvesting process.


360 W. 400 North
Moab, Utah