Monte Vista Early Education Center

Monte Vista Early Education Center has been able to use the Nature Explore Outdoor Classroom as a way to teach our students about how to have a hand in caring for nature. Our students have learned how to garden along with all the efforts that it entails as well. It has been wonderful to see our students understand more about life sciences in our Nature Explore Classroom through ecology, along with physical science, and earth science.

Teachers have incorporated math and science in the garden by measuring the height of corn stalks and sunflower stalks. The Nature Explore Classroom has aided our students in developing a more enriched vocabulary in which they walk around their garden discussing which items are ready to be harvest.

Our students, in every classroom, have been able to plant and water seeds in our planters and create a garden in which they have cared for and have been able to harvest vegetables and herbs such as squash, yams, corn, cucumbers, tomatoes, beans, carrots, radishes, pumpkins, mint, and basil. In addition, our students also have planted and created a flower garden box growing large sunflowers, zinnias, and succulents. We’ve included pictures of our students exploring the garden and their excitement from discovering that their carrots were ready to be harvested!