The Nature Explore Classroom at

Ms. Ann’s Celestial Education

Our classroom is unique because our students are involved in the transforming of our space, as opposed to us doing it over the weekend and having it set up when they arrive on a Monday morning.

Because of this, they have a sense of pride in their special space and are developing their own ideas of how they want to set it up on a daily basis. Children have literally moved furniture from the patio onto the wood chips, setting up their own obstacle course!

We are so thankful to be involved in the Nature Explore program, which gives us an added “title” to add to our already wonderful program! We are planning to add climbing “steps” to our tree, creating a climbing wall around the large tree trunk.  Everyone has a sense of anticipation and excitement as we work toward each new lofty goal.

We believe it’s important to take our time to properly assess not only what will need to be transformed, but also the effort by each person that will be necessary to be excellent during the entire process. We are kind of like caterpillars, transforming our classroom into something new and spectacular, and each new season brings something magnificent into our special outdoor space!



836 E. Highland Street
Hammond, IN  46320