Nana’s Learning Post

Having a Nature Explore Certified Classroom was a blessing during this past couple of years in particular. We were able to continue serving the children in our community and their families because we could meet outside and not be as concerned with germs. The children were able to have plenty of exploration, learning, and natural sensory experiences daily. Families appreciated that we are a Nature Explore site as we show them what their children do every day and they see the natural spaces where they play and explore.

They see that their children are learning about plants, what it takes to care for a plant, etc, basic horticulture but perfectly appropriate for their age. They learn about erosion and decay as it affects our resources, like stumps, in our outdoor classroom. We had many stumps that needed to be replaced this year. Just as you would update an indoor classroom, we update our outdoor classroom. The children enjoy contributing to this effort as they roll stumps into place, pull weeds preparing the butterfly garden for new plants they will plant, or observing the beginning sprouts of new grass in the spring.

We live in Florida so there is not much winter, and we are able to be outside most of the day almost every day. To offset the oppressive heat during the summer we have mister lines that we install to mist the children and teachers to keep them cool. I love the peaceful atmosphere of being in the fresh air outdoors, with chimes chiming, and birds and squirrels adding to the background sounds. That lends to the best kind of learning. Natural curiosity, natural resources, naturally learning the benefits of spending the time to notice the elements that God gave us to enjoy.