Noah’s Ark Preschool

With our fundraising efforts this past year, we were able to add a mud kitchen to our dirt digging area. The children are able to make wonderful treats for friends and teachers. One of our students made an “Al Pacino” (we are pretty sure she meant cappuccino) for her teacher.

Our future plan is to continue to develop the sensory walk by adding different types of tall grasses that the children can feel with their hands as they move along the sensory walk. Also, we will plant flowers intermittently throughout the grasses so the children are able to stop and smell, which will bring in another sense to the walk. This was our plan for last summer, but with COVID-19, many of the stores that were going to donate were closed when we needed to plant. We will keep this in our future plans This will add natural color to our playground with colorful grasses and flower blooms.

Our fundraising this year will add a new retaining wall around our play structures to give us another layer of mulch to help with the safety of our students