Northminster Learning Center


The Northminster Learning Center Nature Explore Classroom continues to be a viable and engaging pillar in the overall learning program.

Daily schedules include visits to the outdoor classroom for the purpose of conducting research and observation as well as simple enjoyment of the many elements contained there.

Future additions and improvements include a natural reading area and the strategic placement of plaques throughout the space to illustrate the wide variety of insects and animals found in and around the classroom. Climbing plants are being placed in areas to create natural cover. A design study is underway, geared to help determine the effective placement of the various elements and spaces of the Nature Explore Classroom which will result in the optimal overall effect and impact.

Each month a “Trail Tuesday” is scheduled which includes every student in the Center being engaged in spending time on the trail surrounding the outdoor classroom. Parents and family members are always invited and encouraged to participate. At Christmas, an event was held that allowed families to participate in new and special experiences in and around the space.  Recently, a troop of Brownies and Girl Scouts conducted a spring clean-up of the area and planted a wide variety of flowering annual plants. Many of the troop leaders and Scouts were family members.