The Nature Explore Classroom at

Pinnacle Presbyterian Preschool

Pinnacle’s Nature Explore Playground “Nurturing Nature Education, One Preschooler at a Time”

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Do you remember building forts as a child? What about making mud pies, picking dandelions, climbing trees or just playing outside until dusk? Most adults today count childhood nature experiences among their fondest memories.

Sadly, while direct childhood experience with nature is critical, it is rapidly diminishing. Parents and teachers cite hectic schedules, safety concerns, an increase in indoor play facilities and the strong lure of technology as impediments to nature experiences. While some community parks offer children playgrounds, the play that occurs on equipment is often sterile, limited in scope and variety by the design of the equipment, rather than the imagination of the child. Meanwhile, natural resources have diminished and childhood obesity has become a recognized epidemic. In Arizona, our extreme climate and the harsh desert further complicate this issue.

Fortunately, by participating in small grass-roots efforts in our communities, we have an opportunity to make changes now that will impact the lives of future generations.

Sabrina Ball, Preschool Director states, “Current research supports that nature play is not a luxury but a necessity and a crucial element of healthy physical, intellectual and social-emotional development for children of all ages. Our playground seeks to “unplug” children from technology and supports healthy development of the Whole Child.”

The Nature Explore Playground evolves from the real needs of children, offers activities that are engaging and meaningful to them and fully embraces developmentally appropriate practice within the Arizona Early Childhood Learning Standards.

Sabrina Ball, Director



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