Pioneers Park Nature Center

This year we have made some changes to the Natural Play Space by adding new elements.

 RC2016_68502_pioneers park nature center-005

Our giant sandbox has been a huge hit with the kids. Our hollowed cottonwood log finally rotted away and we were able to get a new log that is in two large sections. We also realized that the log decomposing will be an ongoing challenge, so we have added a concrete culvert, which was covered with soil and sod “Middle Earth” in hopes that this tunnel will last 10 years or more. Next to the new tunnel is a large decomposing mulch pile that is great for climbing and full of invertebrates to discover! Other new additions include 3 wooden cable spools that function as tables and two halves of a canoe. An existing shed was moved to the area to serve as storage for our preschool teachers who frequently utilize the site. On the shed, we’ve attached 2 rain barrels so that water can be collected and used in the area. Our plan is to host a grand re-opening of the site this spring when we host one of our large family events for the public.

Andrea Faas, Coordinator



RC2016_68502_pioneers park nature center  RC2016_68502_pioneers park nature center  RC2016_68502_pioneers park nature center-001  RC2016_68502_pioneers park nature center-002