Prescott Elementary School



Prescott Elementary is fortunate to have two outdoor classroom spaces with Nature Explore areas.
A large outdoor classroom near our playground and an interior courtyard space featuring a pond. As
education has changed students have fewer opportunities for free exploration of their natural curiosities indoors.

Prescott’s outdoor spaces give students space and time to explore all the wonders nature has to offer.
It is amazing to see the sense of awe that students experience discovering a grasshopper or praying
mantis, feeding a fish, cracking open the seed pod from a buckeye tree, or harvesting food from
plants they have grown. When students discover worms together, language barriers fall away and bridges are built for students that struggle to form social connections in the regular classroom.

In addition, we partnered with family literacy families. Parents in this group come to school 5 days a
week to learn English and work with their children in their classrooms. Several family literacy families gardened in raised beds, growing crops from Mexico, Burma, and Iraq.