The Nature Explore Classroom at

Rachael’s Daycare

Rachael’s Daycare is a home-based child development program for preschool-age children. Located in Northern Utah, by the mountains, in a small town community by the bay, it is a comfortable retreat from a busy life. Here we strive to build a child’s self-confidence by helping them grow positively through mind, body, and soul.

Rachael’s Daycare knows the importance of nature exploration along with child development. So here, we have created an Outdoor Wonderland to help children learn the value of the natural world around us. We promote the fact that outdoor play helps with brain development, strengthens fine and gross motor skills, builds resiliency, promotes mental wellness, toughens the immune system, and increases creativity, which in-turn establishes happiness. Our Outdoor Wonderland goes along with our already known Animal Science Program and Giving Garden project, to create the perfect place for children to learn and grow into becoming the best they can be. Rich early childhood experiences lay the foundation for who these important children will become as they grow up. Nature exploration provides hands on learning and confidence that leads to success.

Our Wonderland consists of rich experiences of hands-on growing vegetables and fruits from their beginning seeds/starts into healthy food we enjoy on our plates. This builds work ethic and care into reaping the rewards. We get to enjoy the viewing of animals newly born and growing up into adults because children love animals in a mini zoo setting. The many options for natural materials to be brought into creativity with building(construction & engineering) and art work are in rich abundance. Lots of grass to play on and a bicycle path provide plenty of room with supplies and equipment to support healthy physical growth. The kiddos love catching insects to observe in observation boxes or to feel how they tickle their hands as they crawl on them. To top it all off, there is always an experienced and educated Early Childhood Educator present to answer any questions that these inquisitive minds come up with.

Nature learning is a major focus for this program because I recognize its importance for a child’s well-being in growth and development.


Willard, UT