Roots of the Future Montessori School


Our school has been in business for twelve years. We are committed to providing children every opportunity to be in touch with nature. Our curriculum is heavily based on nature education and being environmentally conscience. Our children go outside everyday to explore in our extensive Nature Explore Classroom. As they say, “there is no bad weather, only bad clothing.” They love to play in the mud, climb, swing, build, walk our trails and more.

In addition to the joy they have being in the outdoors, we also focus on living things. We study the life cycles of the plants, animals and insects we find in our outdoor area. These include monarch butterflies, praying mantis, walking sticks, salamanders, katydids, birds and more! We plant a multitude of seeds for our gardens, and families. We place our surplus of plants on our stand for the community to take.

We instill in our children the miracle of life and all that Mother Nature has in store. We stress the importance of being respectful of all things and being sure we only keep living specimens just enough time for us to observe and illustrate before we must release it back into its natural environment. Our outdoor Nature Explore Classroom encompasses 7.5 acres of land and hiking trails.