The Nature Explore Classroom at

Roots of the Future Montessori School

Roots of the Future Montessori school was inspired by an interest and passion for nature, science and environmental concerns.

We have encompassed a nature-based curriculum to bring children back in touch with the natural world.
Our outdoor classroom is an extension of the indoor environment. We work hard to immerse the children in all the wonders of nature. We often bring in living things from the outdoors to study and observe and then return them. We have collected monarch caterpillars from our milkweed and brought them in to watch their transformation. We also observe ladybugs, praying mantis, walking sticks and Cecropia moths to name a few.

We are free of all pesticides and toxic chemicals both indoors and out. We teach our children about conservation by composting and collecting rainwater, each of these is used to care for the garden. Children are involved in all aspects of the garden. They begin the process by planting seeds in early spring in our greenhouse. Later, the plants are transplanted into the garden and any surplus of seedlings are sold to the public to raise money for the school. Finally, they take part in harvesting and preparing food for our snacks. We strive to plant our garden with native plants in order to support the wildlife around our classroom. Our gardens entice the senses while we appreciate nature at its best.

Our location on 7.5 acres provides a beautiful and ideal setting for learning and experiencing the outdoors. We immerse children in nature through our extensive sensorial gardens, 40-foot labyrinth, nature trails, a nature-based playground, organic gardening and more. Our outdoor play area naturally encourages wonder, exploration and movement as children are constantly playing and discovering. The children enjoy climbing, swinging, zip-lining, digging, balancing, painting, running and dramatic play.

Roots of the Future Montessori is also committed to reducing waste, conserving resources and bettering the natural world. Children carry out tasks and activities that benefit the environment. These include water conservation, energy conservation, waste reduction, environmental learning, nature walks, learning that all living things are important and the awareness of organic gardening and composting. We have created and continue to develop a nurturing outdoor space for our children. We strive to provide a place of beauty and tranquility for everyone to enjoy. Collectively, we are offering children the opportunity to discover nature and be involved in continuing efforts caring for the living landscape.

Our continued involvement with our families and community is very important to us. Each year we sponsor a vegetable exchange and sale with our surplus of vegetables grown in our garden. This is an annual event that is open to the public. We ask that people bring their own surplus of vegetables to exchange or purchase vegetables for a nominal donation. We donate the excess food and all of the proceeds to our local city mission to provide Thanksgiving meals for those in need.

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