Saints Peter & Paul Kinder Haus Preschool



It’s been a rewarding experience this past year as it marks our first year to have the certification as a Nature Explore Outdoor Classroom for our preschool.

Last September (2018) we held a dedication/thanksgiving event after Kinder Haus Preschool received the certification. A letter of thanks was sent to each community group or individual as well as preschool parents who had volunteered time or donated in any way throughout the several years it took to complete the process for certification. The letter invited them to our dedication event at the playground to show them what all was accomplished because of their generosity. It was a nice morning gathering with adults and children in attendance. Photos were displayed marking the steps of the progress that was made each year, and they featured the people who did the physical labor. We wanted each of them to know that their work and dedication will never be forgotten and that they had a vital part in providing a special nature-play space for many children in the years to come. We ended the dedication event with a simple ribbon-cutting ceremony for the children there, and it was followed by the pastor of our church blessing the playground and all who were present.

This summer a special nature item was made for the children’s “Art Area” on the playground.  For eight years, a round, 42″ tree slice served as a tabletop for the Art Area. However, it was slowly deteriorating.  So this summer we are very grateful to family members who constructed a new, nature-based art table by connecting us with a local woodworking specialist who cuts large tree slabs at his sawmill. The labor and the tree slab were generously donated. The nature wood table is not only a large functional workspace for the children, but it is also a special playground feature for children to observe the inside surface of a large tree.