Sheridan Elementary School

Our volunteer base is expanding. These include Nancy Packard, Mary Chirnside, George McMillian, Denise Olton, John Milligan, Lucinda Zmarzly, and new volunteers Josh Lupher and Judy Wu Smart. Judy is a special catch as she is the professor who heads the bee lab at UNL and offers us her expertise on pollinators.

We have started to expand our prairie plant selection in the OC. We planted many prairie species in Fall of 2021. Sadly, only about 25% of the plants made it through the winter. But we will divide the ones that have thrived, including some lovely asters. Nancy added prairie sage from her garden. Mary got a Redbud tree donated to replace one of ours that died in 2022.

We had new raised garden beds installed by Cameron Bischoff in Spring 2022 for his Eagle Scout Project. They are cedar and the materials were mostly financed by our PTO, and labor by Cameron and other Boy Scouts and their families.