Shunk Child Care

Another fantastic year with our outdoor classroom. As usual, we replenished our mulch, woodchips, and sand. Oh, and of course we did so much weeding! It was all worth it and our garden thanked us with a huge bounty of veggies and fruits.

Our water area received an upgrade with a new cascade water table. In addition to exploring the properties of water, we have conducted other science experiments (with the most fun being baking soda and vinegar.)

In Maine, during the late fall and winter months it gets dark before pickup. This year we decorated our peach tree with white lights and added LED lanterns along the walkway. This has allowed us to extend our outdoor play and allowed the parents to safety pick up their children in the evening. Playing while the sun is setting has intrigued the children to want to learn more about outer space. The enjoy being able to see and learn about the moon, planets, and stars.