Special Blessing’s Childcare

While maintaining the Outdoor Adventures Classroom we continue to re-vamp or add new things. This year we added chat around the garden area for a pathway for children and painted stepping stones with various garden pictures. The entrance has two stock tanks with a horse panel going from one stock tank up and over to the other which we planted with green beans and cucumbers that vined. At the exit, we did the same with vining, thornless blackberries, tomatoes, peppers, and Tricked You jalapeno pepper plants.

We added flowers this year, including mammoth sunflowers and strawberries, which are still producing. We spruced up the scarecrows and added painted birdhouses to the garden wall. I made a little tea table to add character in the garden which the children like to sit around. My husband brought home a wire man, he knew I would like, to add to our classroom. A family friend donated their overalls for him and he is holding a bird feeder in one hand and a basket of nesting materials in the other.

We recently added an art wall with easels and a display for children to enjoy their creations. I continue to add potion bottles, pots and pans and a tuff tray for our small world play a construction site. I have another wood table with a screen placed in the sand. We love all the seasons and enjoy and engage in each. Recently we added a tear drop swing which is low to the ground for children to get into easily. We are in the outdoors maintaining and repainting. I hope to add some tall grasses and other additions in the fall.