St. Clare Preschool

St Clare Preschool’s Nature Garden and Outdoor Classroom continues to be an inviting space for our students
and their families to explore and learn through nature.

The Nature Garden continues to grow and evolve each year providing experiences for our students to learn with and through nature. Our teachers, parents, and children are involved with the overall use of the space, collaborating on ideas to improve and maintain the areas of magical

Our goals for last year included adding a bridge, each of our bridges displays a unique style with different
movement, this reflects our city of Portland with its many bridges. During the year we repositioned some of our
balance beams and our dry river bed. A climbing wall was also added to create additional gross motor activities for our older has been a big hit! We were able to finish the installation of our permanent raised fairy garden, our students and teachers are loving the Fairy Garden!

Our goals for next year include adding additional bridges, creating more gardening spaces and improving our
sandbox and building areas. As always we try to add natural materials including logs, wood circles and large
rocks to enhance our Nature space.