Sunflower Preschool

Sunflower has created a very inviting Nature Explore Classroom over the course of many years. We develop new learning areas, plant trees, and improve our organic garden yearly. Sunflower Preschool has always been a place to help and encourage young children to explore, stimulate their curiosity, and connect to nature.

We have been using our outdoor classroom for many years now. The children, who we refer to as “Sunflower friends,” have been engaging in many areas of our Nature Explore Classroom daily: Messy Materials Area, Sandbox, Nature Art Area, Imagination Fabric Area, Mud Kitchen, and more. This year, we have created two new areas of our Nature Explore Classroom; the Imagination Fabric Area and Story Stones Area. The children love singing, building, creating, dancing, and performing plays using whatever nature offers. Imagination Fabrics from Nature Explore are the perfect material to create an outdoor imaginative theater for children. The children also use the Imagination Fabric to make hammocks from which they quietly listen to nature. When the Imagination Fabric catches the wind, it creates a magical space for Sunflower friends and teachers.

Sunflower theme-based curriculum allows our Nature Explore classroom to become an imaginative space, a place where dinosaurs roam, creatures in rainforests live their lives, space comes alive, and sea creatures dwell. The children love telling stories about what they are learning in this setting. Based on the children’s interests, we decided to create “Story Stones.” The children collect rocks from our outdoor classroom, draw volcanoes, fish, veggies, stars, the moon, the sun, and paint their drawing-adorned rocks. And the children want to keep the Story Stones on Our Nature Table by the Imagination Fabric Area. Now storytelling is a big part of our Nature Explore Outdoor classroom.