Tentinger Daycare Family Child Care Home

We are happy as can be here in 2023! Our Outdoor Classroom has something for all ages. Our Infants love to explore close to the ground, some experiencing grass for the first time, and it is amazing to watch.

Our Toddlers love investigating EVERYTHING! They love finding new things to explore and bugs of course. The Preshoolers love our outdoor kitchen and they sure cook up a storm as they make mud pies and pinecone rolls.

The School Kids love to play sports, climb, and swing as high as they can. They pretend to blast off into outerspace. Our Pre-Teen loves to relax in the hammock and read. Parents and Grandparents that visit love to sit and watch the kids explore and play. It is a magical experience for all. We are so grateful for our outdoor space and again this year have added to the fun!

New to our Outdoor Classroom this year are several metal sitting benches. They were a perfect addition to our classroom, expecially for our adult visitors who like to come and watch the action. The kids love to sit and examine what they have found, read a book, or simply just sit and watch the trees. We also have a new raised garden that were able to use for the full growing season this year! It has brought the garden up to our toddler’s eye level so they can really see the changes in the plants over time. Also, this year the kids selected Wind Art for our Outdoor Classroom. We have a very nice breeze through the space most days. The kids love it when the wind blows the spinners around and hearing the chimes play a tune! We again have loved our animal and bird watching adventures!

The kids continue to love our outdoor classroom where they can learn and discover the outdoors all year long. Here at Tentinger Daycare the children know that: Adventure Awaits…Come Explore Us!

Ann Marie Tentinger