The Child Centered Home

Our Outdoor Classroom is the favorite place in my program for the children, the parents, and me (the teacher). I
get quite a few inquiries from parents about my program because they want their children to have ample time
outside. The pictures I post to show my certified Nature Explore Outdoor Classroom draws them in, and they want
their children to be part of it.

Recently we have noticed an increase in wildlife in our Outdoor Classroom because of the mature plants we
have. We see caterpillars building chrysalises, squirrels snacking on acorns on the fence, bird nests up in the tree,
and lizards galore!

We play outside in all weather! We do water play in the summer sun, and we wear our muddy buddy suits during
the rainy season. We love puddles and everything that we can do with mud. This year we got to see hail (safely).
Since our group was a little older this year, a few of the 5-year-olds figured out a way to climb to one of the
branches on a tree and hang from it. “I love school!” was the main quote that day.