The Discovery Center

Our Nature Explore playground draws many families to The Discovery Center. Being located in the city, prospective families are extremely surprised at the size of our outdoor area. Within this area, there are raised vegetable and flower garden beds, strawberry and blueberry beds, a cherry tree and grape vines. A butterfly garden with a pergola and seating provides a quiet area to reinforce mindfulness activities being taught to children.

A highlight of our playground is a large hill with a slide, “bear cave”, and a natural tall grass prairie with many native plants to Michigan providing a setting for lots of imaginary play. Our outdoor space also contains a nature art center, building area, messy area, wet area with a “stream bed”, music area, sandbox and bike path.

Our Nature Explore Classroom is used daily and for special events throughout the year. Parents and children gather during our open house/ice cream social and enjoy all of the areas. In the spring, our families come together to volunteer to help clean and spruce up the outdoor area for the upcoming year. Beds are weeded and planted, repairs made to structures, wood chips and sand replaced and leveled out and an overall cleaning up. In the summer, our school age children host a kid’s carnival and many families gather again. One parent commented on what a beautiful, pleasant place we have for such events. Families stay well beyond the end of our events talking and enjoying the outdoor space.