The Goddard School

Our outdoor classroom is about creating a dynamic learning environment that nurtures the whole child. By incorporating mental health awareness and summer learning adventures, we can ensure our young learners thrive. One way we enhance the learning experience for our students is to bring in a yoga instructor for mental health awareness. As children move through poses and practice mindfulness, they learn techniques to manage their emotions and cope with stress. Practicing self-awareness in the calming outdoor environment empowers young minds to navigate emotions constructively.

The outdoor classroom transforms into a canvas for exploration during our summer camp program. Students embark on bug hunts, observe clouds drifting in the bright blue sky, and engage with wooden pieces and messy materials. These hands-on experiences spark creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving skills. We are excited to expand our outdoor classroom to include a sensory garden this spring. We believe the garden’s textures, sounds, and aromas will invite curiosity and ignite all the senses. Building and maintaining the garden will be a key element of our upcoming summer program.