The Key School

Over the last year we were awarded Certification as a Maryland Green School which as a whole school we are very proud of.

Over the last year, we have also reconfigured some of our Nature Explore Outdoor Classroom. We have relocated the Nature Art Area into an amazing nook that children can create and experience art in three different positions. Children can squat on a rock and draw on a clipboard, or small chalk board. They can sit at a cedar picnic table, and create art, or lastly stand at the nine tile table and view, trace, or create natural art items. The Nature Art Area is just outside the butterfly garden. We have a pole trellis in this space, and green crates attached to the wood rail fence so that children may chose the various art supplies or nature photo cards.

Another beautiful addition is a Nature Loom to our Gathering Area. We have a three level stage with wood railing and posts which we tie colorful scarves and hang scarves from the beams. On the lowest part of our stage we attached two long branches and warped the wood with natural color yarn. This created a nature weaving loom for the children to weave natural items in and out of the yarn. There is also a stump next to the loom and basket of various leaves, flowers, branches, and grasses for children or the community to access to weave on the loom.

Another inspiring space that we have added is our Reading Area. There is a bookshelf with animal and nature inspired books of various reading levels. There is a stump looking basket that contains small finger puppets that children can use as props while reading. There is stump seating and a small adirondack chair. There are Large Green leaves attached to the side of the shed wall in this space to create a fun, shady , and inviting space.