Trinity Early Education Center

Trinity Early Education Center is a hidden gem just south of downtown Los Angeles. It is a school that includes the Nature Explore Center and outdoor classroom where students play, learn and grow in many ways.

Students are afforded opportunities to learn about planting vegetables, fruit, and trees, how to care for them and the many insects and animals that live amongst them. They learn and explore different terrain and navigate the different areas of the Center whether it is a bike ride through nature, building area with natural materials, water play, enjoying a nice time in the reading area or creating music with natural materials. To top it off, students engage in nature walks, noticing the wonderful and beautiful sounds of nature.

The Trinity EEC staff and community partners use their innovative ways and artistic abilities to create an engaging environment for students. Murals and signs have been painted by staff and family members. Staff have personally created some of the newest areas such as the Reading Area, Math Garden, replenished and recycled plants and flowers, a new succulent garden, bird feeders, wind chimes and various other plants throughout the center.

Trinity EEC continues to plan for future projects to enhance the Nature Explore Center Outdoor Classroom where students continue to play, learn and grow.