The Nature Explore Classroom at

Trinity Early Education Center

Our journey took over nine years from design to grand opening. We knew this classroom would be an asset to our families and the community by adding a peaceful and welcoming environment where children can play and explore.

We went through many redraws due to meeting ADA requirements and licensing requirements. We encountered every piece of “institutional red tape” thrown our way and weathered times where the project stalled out, but there are no words to describe the awesomeness that occurred when our children were able to enter the new outdoor classroom for the first time. The emotions of seeing children roll down a grassy mound and dig in soil and garden in the earth in the middle of a graffiti-ridden community that is made up of concrete, asphalt and security bars is beyond words and a priceless memory. After nine years, we are starting a legacy of aesthetic learning that feeds the soul.


3816 Trinity Street
Los Angeles, CA 90011