The Nature Explore Classroom at

Tulsa Educare Hawthorne

Our playground story began three years ago at a management meeting when one of my master teachers, Susie Hobbs read a story that she wrote about the enchanted Educare, describing beautiful outdoor engagement and play within a very natural place space. That is when the initial idea of a natural playground sparked for our school.

Then, a year ago, my executive director came to us and said our dreams were going to come true and we were going to be redoing our playgrounds! We formed a playground committee and even had a demolition day with staff and parents on a Saturday morning where staff and families came out and helped us rip out the turf.

The children, families, and staff watched the construction of this playground slowly over time. We all enjoyed the big machines, rocks and things along the way. Now it is such a tranquil space with blooming flowers and engaging material!

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