The Nature Explore Classroom at

Tulsa Educare-Kendall Whittier
Preschool Playground

The belief at Tulsa Educare-Kendall Whittier is that the most vulnerable children in our community deserve a school that embraces the best of early childhood practices and current research to help build a strong foundation for them to excel in school.

As research has shown, authentic experiences outside have a positive impact on the social-emotional and cognitive development of children. Knowing that, we embarked on the journey of making our outdoor spaces areas for exploration, learning, playing, growing and joy. That is where the.partnership between Tulsa Educare, Inc. and Nature Explore was born.

At our site, Tulsa Educare-Kendall Whittier, we have three play spaces that will be renovated. We started with our NatureScape, a play space loved by our Infants/Toddlers. As construction started, the children excitedly watched the progress from old space to torn up space to a beautiful space filled with opportunities. The NatureScape includes a space that calls to the children to explore music and sounds outside and one that invites them to engage with local plants. There is a space that begs for construction to happen, and even an area to share books with a friend.

Because of our partnership with Nature Explore, Tulsa Educare is continuing to live its mission of offering deserving children experiences that build a strong foundation for their future success with a certified playground. The mission at Tulsa Educare, Inc. is to provide the most vulnerable children in our community with a school that embraces the belief that they deserve the best of early childhood practices.


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