University Children’s Learning Center
Toddler Classroom

The University Children’s Learning Center (UCLC) Toddler Outdoor Classroom became a space in which to garden this year. The toddlers planted zucchini, tomatoes, and a variety of flowers. They enjoyed watching them grow and thrive. We were able to afford to purchase a large number of plants and gardening tools due to a local grant source.


On June 29th, UCLC celebrated International Mud Day. We set up an outdoor kitchen for the children to cook with the mud. We also had several areas where the children were able to explore the wonderful properties of mud. This event was open to the public and held in conjunction with a retirement celebration of a long-term employee of the Learning Center that had been instrumental in the design and organization of the Outdoor Classroom.

The toddlers had a sandbox added to their Outdoor Classroom. They have greatly enjoyed digging and discovering in the sand.

On a day to day basis, the children have enjoyed bringing many of the indoor classroom areas to the outdoors. We have had music with scarves to dance with on the grass hill. Children have created their own music with the Akambira, drums, and rain sticks. They have painted and drawn on the easel, using their creations to decorate the fence around the Outdoor Classroom. They have also sat in the gathering area to have circle time and check in with one another.