The Nature Explore Classroom at

Usha K. Ramamurthy Family Child Care

Outdoor nature learning is an integral part of our day. The nature learning area provides an opportunity to explore the world through hands-on learning and helps nurture children’s interest and concern for our environment.

Our natural outdoor play space is a rich learning environment for all age children. Our curriculum also helps children through their special way of knowing nature. The outdoor area lends itself to meet children’s individual needs. Outdoor activities are open-ended and flow from one area to the next which encourages children to use their imaginations. The children have continuity and the outdoor classroom is perceived as their space. The environment stimulates the children’s senses and nurtures their curiosity. This allows investigation and discovery by children of all learning styles and promotes interaction with each other.

After discussing my intent to create a Nature Explore outdoor classroom with parents, one parent volunteered to provide wood discs cut in different sizes, from the tree he cut it down and made stumps as a seat. Another parent sanded wooden blocks from scrap lumber.

Special acknowledgments:
I owe special thanks to my wonderful husband Krish, my son Sanjay, and to my dad Bala who helped my dreams come true. To enhance the natural environment they helped construct the structures around the outdoor and made sure they allow visibility of all areas at all times for supervision. They also helped to maximize beauty, visual clarity and aesthetics in the overall design of the playground without losing nature. My future plan is to slowly transition to more natural play equipment.


Mechanicsburg, PA